Shein Review

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday! Recently I’ve had several people ask me my thoughts on my Shein purchases so I wanted to give my honest review of them. With so many of these type of budget friendly online boutiques from China, you want to know if you can trust them before you commit to purchasing. Shein, formerly known as Sheinside is an online retailer that is based in Asia. They sell inexpensive and on trend clothing and accessories. Basically they sell really cute clothes at very competitive prices.

Every time I wear something from Shein, people ask me questions about them and their products and what I think of the company. Honestly, if I didn’t like something, I wouldn’t post it. I don’t only collaborate with SheIn, I also purchase clothing from them on my own as well!

I was sent this blue dress jacket number from Shein a few weeks ago and have not stopped wearing it since it arrived in the post! It goes with everything and is perfect for this time of year! I decided to go for something that looked over sized but is in fact only a size small and I’m pleasantly surprised at how utterly cute this jacket is! It can be worn for all occasions whether its a dressy or a casual outfit.

The awesome thing about Shein is that they give points to consumers that leave reviews and photos. The more you do (ex. review, photo, share on social media) the more points you get. Now the great thing isn’t the points in my opinion ($1=1 Shein Point=1 cent,) it’s the fact that it entices people to leave reviews. Whenever I want to purchase an item I read through the reviews and look through the pictures. I look out for reviews of customers with the same measurements as me. My favorite reviews are the ones that have measurements, photos, and the ones where clients specify the size that they purchased and how it fits. In the case that there is an item that doesn’t have a review that is helpful to me, I size up.

Now shipping does take a while so it’s not going to be your typical shipping length. It’s usually takes 3-20 days but it’s also usually free! So if you can just be patient, it will come.

If you have any other questions please be sure to leave them in the comment section below so I can answer them for you!


Glam Meets Girl x










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