Dubai Desert

Hello Lovelies,

How has everyone been? Talk about being back to reality with a bang! Oh to be back in Dubai soaking up the sunshine and playing tourist again. Anyone that has travelled to Dubai knows that a trip is not complete without a Desert Safari venture. It is the perfect way to leave Dubai’s skyscrapers for the empty desert and dunes for a 4 hour desert cultural experience. We travelled with a company called Dubai Hummer Safari and I couldn’t recommend them enough!



This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops during an exciting dune drive to the first destination a camel farm. The drive continued across the desert. Our final stop was to watch the beautiful sunset in the middle of the desert perched on the top of a sand dune.

I had fantasised about riding a camel in a caftan or long flowing dress in the desert and we got to do just that and here’s how it went.


We were picked up from our hotel — Atana Hotel  — at 4pm and driven out to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, in the heart of the desert. First up, the camel ride. Upon arrival, we had the option to enjoy a short camel ride. These were our camels and we had such fun getting up on them never mind the actually camel ride. We were greeted by our guide to “Madam, your camel awaits” shortly followed by ”hold on tight”. After a short ride, it was time to then head onto our adventure of dune bashing.


We’d previously been on one of these trips and you will always be warned that if we had bad backs or prone to car sickness dune bashing can be quite a bumpy experience. Now I hate any kind of turbulence but I found dune bashing mostly fine, with just a few hairy moments. So I think most people should be OK with it. I tried to take photos but you will quickly realise that you will be in danger of breaking your camera. So here’s a photo taken on my Iphone.



I’m a traveller by passion and I like to try and spend most of my free time in travelling. As I said previously, this was my second visit to Dubai and I can safely say that I will be taking back some amazing memories, our Desert Safari being the peak of my trip! An Exhilarating source of adventure, true to its word!


The obligatory ‘here I am in the desert’ shot.



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