Flowers Upon Flowers

Hello Gang,

Happy Hump Day! Today’s post is all about one of the most amazing parks I have ever been to whilst we were in Dubai, a place called The Miracle Gardens. This park, perhaps you could call it a theme park is truly a sight-seeing extraordinaire! It is hard to describe but think being in these garden feels a little like being in Disney Land (replace the rides with flowers).



There are beautiful, quirky details wherever you look and there is so much greenery surrounding you – something that is lacking a little in Dubai. So if you are looking to escape the concrete and skyscrapers, you’ll love spending a few hours here. It’s great for visiting on your own, or with friends and family (I can only imagine how magical children must find the garden as I found it so enchanting!). It’s an unusual attraction for the region, where you’re often faced with so many flashing lights, noise and buildings – something that doesn’t bother what so ever but this was a nice change of pace to be surrounded by nature and pretty natural sights.



As you can imagine I tried to capture our experience by way of pictures, but they do not do it justice, The Miracle Gardens is a place unlike any other and definitely fits within the theme that ran strong and true in Dubai, basically that theme being, “why not?’ Like, why not build amazing structures and figures out of millions of beautiful flowers?!



The sky was cloudless and blue and the flowers looked even more beautiful against it. As it is summer time and the temperatures soar to the mid 40’s we were a little silly and visited the gardens around 11am which in Dubai is a fundamental error as you just cannot stick the sunshine coming up to midday and as there is very little shade I would highly recommend that the best time to visit would be very early in the morning as soon as it opens or maybe around 5 pm to sunset. Otherwise, you might want to bring umbrellas. However speaking of umbrellas…


It’s truly a “miracle” these flowers are actually real and thriving in extreme weather conditions. Open during both summer and winter months you can only imagine maintaining to keep the flowers alive at Dubai Miracle Garden is one tough and expensive task – but that could be the main reason of the AED30 (US$8) per person entrance fee but it is a small price to pay to visit such a beautiful and breathtaking park! It was a great day trip. I would have loved to stay longer but it was really too hot for the time of day. However, Ii you are in Dubai and haven’t visited, it is definitely worth the trip, just pick the best time. And take a lot of photos!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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