Summer Whites

Hello Everyone,

How is it the last week of May already! Where is the time going? It has been such a busy couple of months and we have so much happening in the next six months (all good things of course) but lately I have found myself jumping from one thing to the next instead of taking a step back and enjoying the moment a little but more so going forward I plan to take a five out and enjoy things a bit more, isn’t that what life is all about!

Now enough of my ramblings, I wanted to show you all this white dress from Primark that I bought for Dubai and wore it but you guys didn’t really get to see it properly so I wanted to show it to you in this blog post instead. All these off the shoulder, soft cotton dresses are all in at the moment and Primark have such a wide variety of styles and colours that I had to pick some up and I am really glad that I did. Especially with all the good weather we have been having, this dress is perfect for the heat and humidity as its nice and light and incredibly airy. I have a personal thing when it comes to the heat and tight dresses, I feel like I can’t breathe in them so when I come across dresses like this I like to try and stock up as they get me through those hot summery days.

Now I must dash as May is just about to wake up and we have so much to do today and I keep putting things off so its time to get cracking on my to-do list but I will be back tomorrow with some more updates.


Glam Meets Girl x









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