Quiet White

Hello Everyone,

Happy Hump Day! Ugh I am absolutely exhausted…I am still recovering from the Mini Marathon…yesterday I was absolutely fine but my legs are so so stiff today! It is not exactly ideal as I have an event later and the thoughts of wearing heels is a killer but I was advised to take a bath as it is supposed to help with the stiffness so here is hoping.

Now enough complaining and onto todays latest look! Every time I wear an all white look two things seem to come to mind….why don’t I wear this more often? And wow my little girl is going to get this dirty quick! It’s interesting because I love to wear white and I love to wear black, but I rarely wear an all-white look as compared to an all-black look, so when I came upon this little white dress from Primark, I must say I was very excited! Paired it with some nude heels and boom…I was ready to roll! I’m all about comfort lately, but there still are times that I like to get a little dressed up and this dress does just that.

Well I am going to peel myself off this chair and get my day started! I will be back tomorrow with some more outfit updates!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x



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