Pranamat – Tried & Tested

Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I was introduced to the Pranamat and Pranapillow, a self-healing tool that helps to relax and revitalise the body and mind. Initially I was attracted to the colours and 100% natural and eco-friendly materials, but on hearing the health benefits all I wanted to do was road test one.

So What Exactly Is A Pranamat ECO?

Pranamat ECO is a revitalising massage mat. Regular usage of the Pranamat ECO will help you to find its other advantages: sleep normalisation, general relaxation, stress reduction and gradual disappearance of its effects, lack of physical activity compensation, vitality, health and immunity increase, metabolism stimulation and weight normalisation, elasticity and skin tone improvement.


My mat arrived beautifully packaged in this box. I’ve since used the box to transport the mat with me when I go away back home to Carlow or Dundalk at the weekends . Yes, I’m enjoying the benefits that much! I’ve found it good to use the mat for just 20-30 minutes throughout the day, during an afternoon slump or if I’m finding it hard to get started in the morning. After laying on my Pranamat for 30 minutes I sincerely noticed the relaxation effect it had on my body and mind, similar to a meditation session. For 6 weeks I used the pranamat religiously to help make the transition from ‘working day’ to ‘relaxed evening’ and it certainly helped.


The mat is like a bed of nails, but in the form of pretty lotus flowers. It’s quiet sharp, like very sharp. At first I couldn’t stand or lay on it with bare skin as it was quite uncomfortable. So the first few times I used the mat I always wore socks or pyjamas. However, I have now become so used to it that I stand on it for long periods of time with no socks and I can lay on it with ease each evening.

The first time that I used my Pranamat ECO, I laid it down on the couch and I put a pillow under my head, as soon as I laid on it I was happy I was wearing a T-Shirt as the lotus flowers are very prickly and the skin to mat contact was a little too much the first time (I would highly recommend wearing at least a light t-shirt the first time you use it) but don’t worry you get used to it incredibly quickly! I can easily now lay on it with my bare skin and fall asleep! I suffer from a lot of tension pain in my neck and upper shoulders as well as tension headaches and let me tell you the Pranamat has been amazing!


I’ve been looking forward to sharing my review of the Pranamat Eco ever since I first tried it. It’s now been a couple of weeks since I started using the mat and it’s become a daily habit. I really notice the difference when I haven’t used it, especially when it comes to falling asleep at night.

It’s made of 100% natural materials, such as linen, organic non-dyed cotton and coconut fibre. The petals are made from hypoallergenic plastic that is medically tested. It is a very natural product. Now it is €110.00 for the Pranamat and €80.00 for the PranaPillow and you can choose a variety of colours. Pranamat recognises that colour can also have a positive effect on you mentally and emotionally so there are several options to choose from. Oh and better again, each mat comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can make sure you love it and if not just send it back!


So there you have it – my latest review! I hope this gives you an insight into the Pranamat but if you have any questions, please more feel free to comment below or drop me a PM.


Glam Meets Girl x

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