Lady In Red

Hello Gang,

Happy Sunday! How has everyones weekend been? I hope you had something nice planned over the passed few days. The weather wasn’t quiet as nice as last weekend but hey at least it didn’t rain which is always a bonus! I am still recovering from the wedding that we attended on Thursday, the joys of getting old…I just can’t party like I once could but it was worth it! We had such a great time catching up with all our friends and enjoying the day that was in it, the wedding was in Rathsallagh House Hotel and it is an absolutely beautiful venue to host a wedding. If you haven’t had the pleasure of being there before I would highly recommend it, we were blown away by the grounds and the actual house itself, it is just so so pretty.

I wanted to show you the outfit that I wore to the wedding. Now there was a little bit of drama with the dress, the zip must of been faulty as when I went to put it on the zip refused to go up (panic station) so I had to get my mom involved and after about 15 minutes we finally got it to go up so word to the wise always try on your outfit before you intend on wearing it! However, apart from that I loved the colour, style and shape of the dress and of course the high slit that accompanied it. This dress is from a website called Missguided which is one I have come to love recently especially if you are on the look out for something a little different.

Well that is all from me today but I will be back during the week with some more updates.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x




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