Janssen Cosmetics – My Latest Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk to you about a little miracle serum that I have recently received in some Blogger Mail from the one and only Janssen CosmeticsJanssen Cosmetics offers an extensive range of retail and professional  skin care for every skin profile. The skin care systems are based on unique highly effective active substances with proven effect and high tolerability on the skin that act at a particularly deep level.  So if you’re in search and looking for something to give your skin instant hydration and make it look a little plumper, then you need to check out the their Hyaluron Fluid Moisture Booster.


The skin receives a maximum dose of nourishment thanks to the highly concentrated ampoules. It is perfectly hydrated and from what I experienced was a feeling of constant pampering. The Moisture Booster ampoule set contains long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid to protect and moisturise your skin, resulting in a lifting effect.


There are 7 little viles in a box, but there is a lot of product in each vile, that you can nearly get two days out of each one! What i must tell you is that in less than two days I noticed a visible difference of using these! I felt that my skin was absolutely more hydrated but I also felt that it had plumped out my fine lines a little. My skin looked so much more youthful and even better my foundation sat better.

The Janseen capsules enable you to nourish your skin, making it look radiantly beautiful. For me, the booster was a highly effective course providing a nourishing treatment that produced beautifully radiant, smooth and wonderfully rested skin. Something that we all need every now and then!

The Energy Booster ampoule set is ideal for use in times of increased suscepti­bility to stress, and features caviar extract to stimulate and regenerate the skin.  So there you have it – my latest review! I hope I’ve answered all of your questions but if you have more feel free to comment below or drop me a PM.

Until Next Time,

Glam Meets Girl x

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