Dress To Impress

Hello Lovelies,

I’m finally getting around to sharing this outfit with you that I received from Cari’s Closet. Wedding season is well and truly underway so when I saw that Cari’s Closet had this dress, I knew it was fate.  I have had a couple different dresses from there and every one is simply impeccable! I don’t usually do this style of dress to often which I have no idea why not but I adored this one. It felt so girly and glam on and lets be honest who doesn’t want to feel that way every once in a while!? It also has this beautiful floral print that you can never have too much of, as some of you might know that it can be pretty tough to find that perfect print and I loved this one the second I laid eyes on it.

Cari’s Closet is the perfect place to get a dress like this because it’s the most amazing quality for an even better price. They are all about providing you fantastic options of high-quality pieces that you can wear for any occasion. I hope you can see the details in this dress in some of the close up pictures because they are gorgeous. Whether you have a party, wedding, or a special occasion coming up this summer, Cari’s Closet pieces are perfect for you.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

Photo Credit: Caroline McNally – Wild Things Wed

(Outfit Details: Dress – Cari’s Closet, Shoes – River Island, Earrings – Jennifer Wrynne, Clutch – HA Designs, Bracelet – The Kilkenny Shop)



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