Hey Gang,

How is everyone doing this evening? Happy Monday…..the craziness of the couple of weeks has finally caught up with me as I have the a cold/flu and its currently kicking my ass! So much so that I am bed bound at the minute and you know me I can’t just sit down and relax so what better way than to catch up on all things blog related!

I wanted to show you my latest look that I posted on IG yesterday….its that time of year where we are kind of in between seasons, its not exactly summer but its not Autumn either so its hard to know what to wear these days. I have started putting away some of my summer wardrobe to make some space for the coming season but its hard to let go when its still only August and winter is long enough without having to sacrifice what is left of the summer but what can I expect from this crazy Irish weather we are having. So onto my latest outfit which is a little mix of both, Autumn colours and summer style…a happy medium! I found this blouse and skirt in H&M of all places, as you know its not really a shop that I usually go to but on this occasion I found some really cute bits and pieces that I cannot wait to show you! This skirt is so comfortable and I cannot wait to team it with some tights and ankle boots in the colder months that lay ahead. But for the time being I paired it with my beloved Primark ballerina espadrilles which are a little worse for wear at present but they still have a few wears left in them and voila outfit complete! Perfect for a casual Sunday!

I only managed to grab a few photos to show you as we were (big surprise) in a rush yesterday but you get where I am coming from in terms of seasonal transition. That is it from me today, I think some soup, tv and bed will be the highlight of my night. Here is hoping you are having a more eventful Monday than me.

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Blouse – H&M, Skirt – H&M, Shoes – Primark)

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