The Last Of The Summer Sun

Hello, Hello & Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

As the sun rises that little bit later and sets a little earlier, we wont be blessed with to many more hours of extra sunlight. The seasons always reflect in my style. In Winter I like to make sure I am dark, sophisticated and chic whereas when Summer rolls around my style transitions into feminine and playful pieces. But one thing is for sure, wherever I’m shopping, however much I’m spending I want to shop savvy, smart and efficient.

As many of you are probably aware, trying to put together an outfit can often be a daunting task for us ladies. It consists of searching through our wardrobe, tearing it apart, turning our room into a mess and going through the ‘I just won’t go’ stage before actually deciding on something to wear. So, for my latest post today I wanted to show you this amazing dress that I came across in Primark at the weekend that will solve all those wardrobe blues for the tail end of summer. This dress is so easy to throw on and style for any occasion, especially when if your anything like me, you’re busy & rushing! And best of all, it is currently on sale in Primark for €3.00!

Happy Shopping and I hope you get some outfit inspiration…


Glam Meets Girl x

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