Fall Feelings

Hello Everyone,

Today my post is all about this seasons wardrobe staples. It’s casual, it’s comfy, it’s simple, it’s fall and of course it’s amazing. Every once in a while there are staple pieces that comes along and scream “you need me,” loud and clear. This is exactly what happened when I bought this skirt recently. Straying away from my usual obsession with black….this grey skirt is the perfect purchase for the cold months ahead. It can be teamed with some over the knee boots or perhaps some pumps (for those days when your on the go).  I know I say this a lot, and I say it because when I say it I mean it, but this might be one of my favorites for fall. And I know I have quiet a favorites, but that does not take away from the value of using that particular word. It still takes a serious wow factor in both fit, design, style, and price for a piece to be considered a favourite. And this skirt more than qualifies.

What are your ladies favorite looks for fall, what are you so excited to put on!?

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x


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