Bye Bye Summer

Hi Lovelies,

My Love different style hats has only been a relatively new obsession! I never used to be a huge fan of hats when I was younger, but as I’ve grown older and my style has evolved a lot, I’ve definitely become a lot more fond of them. You could say that I have quite a large hat collection now, ranging from floppy and fedora hats to beanies and bobble hats, all perfect for different occasions and different weather.

Oh I am so glad that I shot this extra outfit post when I got the opportunity…The rain has been relentless for over a week now and the wind has been insane, I haven’t actually been able to do a new outfit shoot in about two weeks now so I’m just thankful I have some to use! I am in the process of packing all my summer outfits away and adding some new pieces for my winter wardrobe hence this dress. Its perfect from transitioning from season to season. I can’t wait to wear it with some over the knee boots and a fur gilet when the weather gets a little colder (which I don’t think is that far away).

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Fedora – Primark, Dress – Primark, Ankle Boots – Primark, Bag – Michael Kors)

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