Look Leather

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

Today’s post features one of my favorite types of pieces to wear, that being a leather skirt!

I have probably worn this Primark skirt five or six times since getting it.  It is the perfect go to and the quality is amazing. It is the most slimming skirt as the material sucks you right on in just where I want it. I’m looking forward to layering it with a tee and a suede jacket or a coloured coat for fall. If you can’t already tell, I’m pretty excited to dress for Autumn! There is a real crisp in the air which means its time to start wrapping up. I seem to have misplaced my scarves, hats and gloves when we moved and I am hoping that they didn’t get lost in the move as I have some really cute hats that I have picked up during the years and would hate to have to start a brand new collection. So my mission tomorrow is to try and locate them once and for all!

Thank you all for following!

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Blouse – H&M, Skirt – Primark, Boots – Primark, Bag – Gucci, Sunglasses – Celine)


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