Beret Love

Good Morning Everyone,

Today it’s all about one of my latest obsessions lately – the beret. Amongst all hats, the beret is that soft and flat French originated hat which remains an eternal favourite hot in fashion news. You probably already know that I am a hat lover, but during fall and winter it can get so chilly and I found the solution to stay warm!

This beret style works great if you have natural locks, waves or curls to flaunt. The beret is used effectively here to accessorize the hairstyle. If you are like me you will leave your hair down as I like how it frames my face. There is something extremely stylish and chic about the beret but it also adds a slight mischievous and ever so sexy impish feel to your personality.

This black skirt is latest season stock and it is one that owes me nothing as I have worn it so much and when I was cleaning out my wardrobe a few weeks ago this was one piece that I came across and it will be getting a lot more wear this Autumn. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple and it matches perfectly with my beret. I decided to combine the black, white and red.

So what do you guys think, are you up for wearing a beret??
Glam Meets Girl x
(Outfit Details: Beret – Paris, Skirt – Primark, Boots – Primark, T-Shirt – Primark)

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