Sea Remedies

Hi Girls,

How are we all?

If you have been following me on Instagram or Snapchat (GlamMeetsGirl) you will know that I am so so so excited to have teamed up to work closely with Kierans  Avenue Pharmacy in Dundalk over the coming weeks to show you some of the products that they stock in store and more importantly introduce you to some of my favourite merchandise. Avenue Health & Beauty is one stop shop for both your health & beauty needs. Providing all the latest must have beauty products that every woman must own.

I’m delighted to announce that Avenue Health & Beauty have launched the arrival of a brand new product and company based in the Carlingford peninsula. Sea Remedies which are a 100% natural product harvested from the sea and shoreline of the Cooley Peninsula. Started by the Durnin Family on the shores of Templetown Beach in Carlingford in 2013, it is the first ever soap made with purified sea water. It’s product range includes Sea Salts, Sea Soaps and Seaweed baths that soothe, nourish, revitalise and heal!

Born from a love of the sea and all the goodness it holds. Whether you want to wash away the grime of daily life, or soothe your soul and your body….Sea Remedies has something for everyone. Rich with detoxing ingredients, this carefully prepared seaweed will transform any bath into a spa-worth experience. Scatter into a freshly drawn bath, lie back, and relax.

At least once a week, I like to take an hour to myself and have a pamper night. I’ll light a candle, run a bath and chill out, not looking at my phone. When you lead a busy life in the work place or at home, if you are anything like me, you sometimes hit a wall. For me, all I need to do is clear my head and get a good night sleep…easier said than done some days so this week I decided to incorporate Sea Remedies into my hour off and I can honestly confirm that it will be a huge part of my me-time routine going forward.  The beauty of the seaweed is that it contains a number of ingredients which have detoxifying properties that help in the evacuation of toxins. As seaweed oils also have the same consistency this facilitates the easy absorption of sea minerals into the body while bathing.

Whether you are a Body Beauty, a Sports Active or a Work Busy person or some or all of these, you can enjoy the natural skincare and health benefits of Sea Remedies in the luxury, comfort and convenience of your own home.

Have you tried any of the Sea Remedies?


Glam Meets Girl x



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