BPerfect Brows

Hello Gang,

Happy Tuesday to you all! I hope you all got through Hurricane Ophelia safe and sound.

Today I want to talk EYEBROWS.  Yes those pesky little things that need to be maintained on a regular basis and can be tricky to get looking perfect unless you know exactly what you’re doing with them. If any of you ladies out there are like me, yours will be far from perfect. I think from years of over- plucking as a teenager mine are fairly spindly and grow in patches with some gaps. So you might remember a couple of weeks ago I attended an event by BPerfect Cosmetics in Meaghars Pharmacy and we were all kindly gifted a goodie bag full of all things BPerfect! Now I never used any of their cosmetic range before the event so I decided that I would begin by using the semi permanent brow kit and I am absolutely loving it.

BPerfect is a brand that I hadn’t heard too much about until recently and I have grown to love the BPerfect 10 Second Tan and so it was only right that I test out there eyebrow kit! The BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit is available in four different shades. Brown for a very subtle look which is best suited for very fair brows or brows with fine hairs, Irid Brown for strong definition which is best suited for dark brown to black brow hairs, Charcoal for a high definition and best suited for darker and thicker brown hairs and finally Dark Brown, the shade I am using, for a defined shape for medium brown to dark brown hairs. Even though I do have darker brows I like to use a slightly lighter shade so that they don’t look so intense against my pale skin and this is a perfect colour match for me.

I constantly endeavor to maintain a natural eyebrow appearance, which can be difficult when you are trying to colour in brows that are already large and in charge. Thankfully the BPerfect kit was perfect for the job, I was able to achieve a groomed look that was light and picture ready. When it comes to the stencils my brows are pretty simple and are ideal to fall inline with the cut outs. They are incredibly useful if you, have begun your eyebrow journey unsure of how to get an even result on both eyes. If you are going to use the stencil simply use the fluffy end of the double sided brush included to apply the product. If you are more skilled simply use the slanted end to apply the product manually to suit your natural shape.

The kit comes with a powder, 3 different shape/size stencils, and double ended brush for a flawless finish. The powder is water resistant, smudge proof, sweat proof, and lasts up to 24 hours or until you remove it with makeup remover. So there you have it, if you are in search for a little extra help in the brows department, I would highly recommend having a look at the BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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