Pink Flutters

Good Evening Lovelies,

A few months ago I bought this little number from Boohoo and finally wore it out at the weekend for some tapas with my friend Laura. I love taking any opportunity to get a little dressed up and go out in the evening, even if it’s just for a catch up kinda night. This is probably one of my favourite dresses I’ve ever bought from Boohoo. They’ve really been stepping up their dress game recently. I love that it is both simple and understated.

After months and months of wearing pastels and soft colours, I know I should switch things up but I couldn’t resist wearing this ensemble. I’m always immediately drawn to lighter hues and shades of pink, but to be honest, I love every colour! Colours allow us to express our moods and personalities and set a feeling and tone for what we want to be that day. I’ve haven’t always loved the colour pink green but I and couldn’t get dress out of my head. It’s flowy and romantic and dreamy and I knew I wanted to wear it with some heels all season long.


Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Dress – boohoo, Heels – Primark)


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