Straight Lines

Good Morning Everyone,

Its Sunday and I hope this post finds each and every one of you well and enjoying your morning.

Just keeping it nice and casual over here and thought I would do a post on something that I would wear everyday. It makes a change from my more recent posts! This is an outfit that gives a spot on example of my everyday style. I love finding clothes that provide an easy-to-wear feel but look good enough to wear out and right now Zara is my go to for that. Any who, this look is one of those that I would classify as a “go-to” or and “everyday” look. It mixes comfortable and casual with a little edge and a lot of cool. The color palette of black, white, and a little navy which is one I love to wear and is probably the colour combo I wear most. I know I have said this before many a times, but sometimes my favorite looks are the most simple ones. These pleather leggings are perfect fit for a cool winters day and pairing it with a black or white top was such an effortless match.

Throw on some ankle boots from Primark and you now have a look to wear shopping, to go to lunch or to just hang with the girls in. What are your favorite casual or “go-to” looks? For me, it is finding the balance between comfortable and dressy that I so enjoy when putting pieces together.

Thanks for following lovelies and I hope you all have a great day.

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Top – Zara, Leggings – Zara, Boots – Primark, Sunglasses – Celine, Bag – Gucci)

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