Red Lines

Good Evening Lovelies,

Happy Sunday to you all…I hope you all had a great weekend what ever you got up to. The countdown is officially on to Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I like to have my wardrobe organised for this time of the year with all the nights out that are on the cards, there is no time to waste.

I’ve tried to pick up some pieces that have are versatile and as there is a lot of sparkles, velvet and deep colours in there – its perfect for Christmas time! I think thats what kind of inspired my outfit for today, a little bit of red and sparkle. Its my kind of Sunday attire as we usually like to have a family day and today consisted of house shopping (very glamorous) but we managed to get most of the stuff we had listed so all in all it was a good days work. I wanted to show off my latest addition to my shoe/boot collection….these sparklers are from none other than Dunnes Stores and are part of the Savida collection. There incredibly comfortable for running around and they add a little pop to your outfit which is always a plus! Dunnes Stores have really been on point this season with their winter collection, I picked up a fuchsia pink jacket a few weeks ago which I have worn way to much already but I will take some pictures and show it to you all as it is the perfect winter jacket with a little twist.

Well that is it from me today but I will be back tomorrow with some more outfit updates.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Blouse – Primark, Jeans – Primark, Boots – Savida, Sunglasses – Ray Bans)


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