The Rathwood Santa Train

Good Morning Everyone,

So as some of you might know if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (GlamMeetsGirl) you will know that we went to visit Santa yesterday in Rathwood. I have always been a huge fan of Rathwood whether it be for lunch, some hot coco, a visit to The Beauty Boutique but never have I had the chance to try the Santa Train so this year when the tickets went on sale in September, I was eager to ensure that we got our tickets straight away as they sell out almost immediately. As it is May’s first Christmas we wanted to ensure that we shared in the magic of Christmas and so we took off on a journey through the Enchanted Forest to visit Santa as he prepares for the most wonderful time of the year.

Firstly, Mrs Claus and an excitable Flash provided the initial entertainment and the children were happy to help them whip up some Christmas spirit. All of the children were awarded a medal for their efforts and we were then off into the woods to find the elves Buddy and Bingo.

We then boarded the Santa train, which lead us through the magical forest where we were greeted by more elves leading you through the woods to Santa’s beautifully decorated woodland home. There were also some surprises along the way, especially for those of you who have visited before, so I would advise keep your eyes peeled.

The final leg of our journey was a stroll through the woods to visit Santa’s grotto. We’d just sat down when we were called in to see Santa. I was incredibly nervous as I wasn’t sure what way May would take to visiting Santa but she was the best little girl. She sat and smiled for a family photo, stood up and walk over to him and held his hand and was gifted a beautiful teddy bear which will be something we will treasure for years to come as it was her first present from Santa.

Following our Santa adventure, we returned to the Christmas shop where you can get your photo taken on Santa’s sleigh or take a ride on the vintage carousels. Not to forget that all children booked in to see Santa received a free hot chocolate in the comfort of the family restaurant which was ideal considering how cold it was yesterday.

If you are anything like me and Christmas is your favourite time of year then going to visit Santa, Mrs. Claus and his happy Elves to his Magical Woodland home is something that every child should get to experience. It is a place that lets the whole family be part of this amazing experience and create memories that will last a life time.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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