Spot Ya

Good Morning Lovelies,

How is everyone doing today? I hope your all enjoying this cold spell that has decided to grace our presence. It’s absolutely freezing these days and I cannot get warm enough. The heating is on, the fire is lit, my hot water bottle is full and my electric blanket is constantly warm the joys of winter. I can’t remember it being this cold ever!! I love winter but when it hits below minus temperatures I hate going outside as the cold gets me every time and it takes me all day to warm up.

So you can imagine the fun I had when shooting this latest outfit post. However, it was worth it as I found this fur stole that i had bought maybe two years ago and finally had the chance to wear it again. I need to go through my wardrobe and pull out all of my faux furs to see what I have as I have collected so many over the years that it’s a case that I can’t remember what’s there now. This particular piece is actually from Primark but looks amazing considering it cost less than €10.00. My dress is from Zara (can you guess I am back loving everything they have in store at the moment) it’s ideal for the winter months as you can’t go wrong with black and white and then my Public Desire sock boots which are getting endless wears these days.

Now that’s it from me today, another busy day running errands and trying to get ahead of the game just in time for the holiday season. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Talk Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x

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