Family Christmas Traditions

Hello Everyone,

This a little bit of a different post for me but one that I think is so important especially around this time of year. I am sure if I was to ask you if you have any Christmas traditions that you use over the festive season, I can almost guarantee that you have at least one tradition that you do every year. Whether it be write letters to Santa, visit a tree farm, start an ornament collection or wear matching holidays pjs everyone has there own little traditions that they carry out over the years.

As first time parents, this year I want to ensure that Miss May’s first Christmas is one that we will never forget, probably not for the gifts that we give her but for the traditions that we will start as a family and the memories these will make and every Christmas to come. For any of you out there who maybe a parent and your baby maybe a few days old to almost a year, the memories and traditions that you start to create will live through your photos and Christmases to come.

A Baby’s first Christmas is filled with special milestones and I wanted to make the first holiday season special with festive decor, Christmas traditions and ways to capture the cute moments. So we decided that a trip to see Santa was a definite!! As you might have read in my previous post this week we went to visit Rathwood Santa train and opted for a family photo with Santa which is something that we plan on doing every year going forward. May was a pro and didn’t make strange with Santa and we managed to get the perfect family photo.


Secondly, nothing amps up the Christmas morning cute factor like a pair of cuddly holiday pajamas. Sure, your baby can only wear them for a month, but if you could something unisex if you want, you can hand them down to the next kid. I decided to go with the exclusive Leigh Tucker range that just came out in Dunnes Stores, there very festive and I managed to get matching pjs for both Niall and I so come Christmas Eve, we will be all matching. Again, it will be the perfect time for a photo op but its memories made that we can look back on in time and laugh if anything at how we looked.

Lastly, this is something that I spoke about last year as every year we buy a keepsake ornament for the tree. Ornaments are all about the memories associated with them, and this first Christmas is a big one. So in order to commemorate it we bought not one but two ornaments which I for one will love pulling out year after year.

So many of these Christmas traditions are universal, but most of our rituals are made unique thanks to a specific family spin. Some are sweet, some are silly, but they’re the things that define the season – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without its traditions What fun family Christmas traditions do you do in your home?

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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