Welcome Back

Hello Hello Hello Everyone,

I am finally back after what has been an amazing two weeks it’s time to return to reality. The wedding was everything I wanted it to be and so much more, if anything I wished it had lasted just a little longer as any of you brides out there will know how fast the day goes by and it’s impossible to take it all in. However, we have received a sneak peek of some amazing pictures from our photographer (Wild Things Wed) and we will also have the footage from the videographer shortly so we can relive it all again. I am still on a high from the honeymoon…..were not exactly relaxing people when it comes to holidays so we tried to relax as much as possible which was a new for me but there is only chilling out and taking it easy one lady can do! Our last stop was NYC which was a great way to kickstart my brain (and body as I’ve literally eaten my body weight in food). I have a lot of ideas for you all for coming posts and I think your really going to enjoy it so make sure to stay tuned!

I did manage to do some outfit posts whilst away more so in Miami and Las Vegas as the temperature was in the early 20’s. My first ensemble that I wanted to show you was this little number from ASOS. It’s the perfect website to source your summer wardrobe and more importantly it won’t break the bank. I posted this dress on Instagram (GlamMeetsGirl) and there were a lot of DM’s asking where it was from and as promised here is my blog post. We did a lot of walking on this trip so comfortable shoes were a must and you can’t go wrong with converse. I wore these endlessly for day and night and there a little worse for wear coming home but they definitely don’t owe me a whole lot after the past two weeks. My favourite part of the outfit though has to be my new Jimmy Choo Bag which I picked up when I was in Dubai in May and it’s sinful I know that it was left sitting in my wardrobe all that time but she was a brilliant fit for the trip as I don’t like to carry to much on me when I’m away so this was perfect for the task at hand. Paired with my Stella McCartney shades thanks to the Christmas sales in Brown Thomas and voila my outfit is complete.

I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2018…I will be back tomorrow with some more outfit updates to hopefully get you inspired for the summer months.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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