Floating Florals

Good Morning Ladies,

How are you all doing? I hope you all are having a great weekend what ever you are getting up to….hopefully it is a little more exciting than what I have been doing which is unpacking, cleaning and putting all our Christmas decorations away and yo top it off I have managed to catch this flu that is going around and I am feeling a little worse for wear. Jet lag seems to have set in as its currently 3am and I have been tossing any turning since 1am so I figured I better get up and utilise my time instead of sitting in bed with my mind in over drive.

I guess its time to play catch up as I didn’t really get to start the New Year like everyone else so now its a case of trying to set new goals for the year ahead, kick start my healthy living for the next couple of months as I am off to Dubai at the end of February and I need to get my body and mind in top order and of course trying to establish a new routine. Life was so crazy last year, with having a baby, buying a house and getting married than I have lost all concept of a daily routine as everything was so rushed and had to be done yesterday. The aim this year is to slow down a little bit and to enjoy the small things and actually give myself a minute to take it all in. If I can accomplish all that this year I will be a very happy lady however as you all probably know its easier said than done sometimes so wish me luck.

Now onto the task at hand this morning…my latest outfit post! Another ensemble that I wore in Miami when the weather wasn’t exactly that warm. You might remember that I mentioned Shein during some posts in the summer and it is by far one of the best websites out there for seasonal wear like this when you don’t want to spend a fortune but want to look good. I have had a love affair with maxi dress over the past couple of months and this dress is up there with one of my favourites. It was so comfortable and stylish and I had so many passerbys comment on how cute it was that I figured I had to share it with you all. The best part is that you literally don’t have to do anything with it apart from choose your footwear which I opted for a my converse (for practicality reasons as all we did was walk everywhere so comfort was key) however you could as easy match some heels and you would be good to go!

Well that is enough ranting out of me for one day but stay tuned as I will be back tomorrow with some further updates for you all.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x


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