Winter Florals

Good Evening Everyone,

Happy Monday! I hope you are all beating the Monday blues and are ready for a new week ahead. Unfortunately, I am in bed with the flu,and its an utter nuisance. I thought I had managed to get away with not catching it before Christmas but its finally caught up with me. Not ideal timing as i had so much planned to get through this week and it looks as though its going to have to be put on hold for the next couple of days.

You guys know I’m no stranger to the floral look. One of my styling tricks is also one of my most efficient: I’m a huge fan of recycling fashion pieces, no matter what the season! Those florals I loved in the summer? I still love them now, except when I outfit them under some warm layers and pair them with other flattering colors, they become part of a really vibrant, feminine winter wardrobe. It’s a fabulous way to save some cash, and of course, show off your signature style year round. You may have noticed my love for this season‘s “it-piece” – Maxi Dresses – I can’t stop wearing them! From casual travel style to work looks, or a chic night out, these are a fun new dress to try out this season.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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