Ruffle Me Grey

Good Evening Everyone,

How are you all doing today? I am literally just back from the gym and my body is so stiff that its hard to get motivated but I am determined to get all my chores done so less time thinking about what has to be done and more time getting it done!!

Now after some thought and a little review of my wardrobe last week I cannot wait for Spring to arrive! I am on a spring style inspiration I was inspired to recreate some of the tonal looks. I love the colour grey and most of my item’s of clothing are more monochrome than grey so it’s the perfect colour to try this look with! I know I’m slightly predictable when it comes to my OOTD posts but I’m kinda hoping you like that about me and perhaps that’s why you stick around?

I’ve had this top for a while now and it was only when I plucked it from my wardrobe to wear the other day that I truly appreciated it’s brilliance. You’ve probably been seeing it here there and everywhere so you certainly won’t be needing me to tell you how on trend ruffles are right now.  To be honest I know that if I buy a top in a bright colour chances are it’ll be discarded in favour of my good old white, black or grey t-shirts before long. So I have decided to finally admit defeat and am willing to stick with what I love and am comfortable with hence why I am embracing this grey number.

Much love to all of you following and I hope each of you have great day!


Glam Meets Girl x


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