Hello Tuesday

Hello Hello Hello Ladies,

How is everyone doing this morning? It’s a fresh one out there, there is a little sprinkle of snow on the ground but it’s so slippery so be sure to take care when your out and about. I had one of those will I won’t I slips getting out of the car when I was at the gym and luckily the car broke my fall so my shoulder got the brunt of it but it’s better than falling on the ground so here is hoping it doesn’t leave to much of a bruise. So do take care when your out and about today!

Keeping in line with my current mood today’s post is all about keeping it nice and casual! I was running low on T-shirt’s which isn’t really like me so I made a little order online with Zara during the week to stock up and in record time they arrived on Friday just in time for the weekend. Zara is the only shop where in my opinion the tee’s are casual enough for day to day wear but can be easily dressed up if your going for that dressy yet casual vibe and they won’t break the bank which is always a plus. Here is the perfect example…this simple white tee was the perfect match with my jeans and khaki jacket which I wore on Saturday running errands. It took of all 5 minutes to style and I was dressed and ready to go without any fuss, which for me is my dream outfit! I had a lot of questions about my sunglasses on Instagram and there from Quay Australia, there not my typical style shades I think there a little out of my comfort zone but I’m all about trying new things so they will definately be worn again.

Well that is it from me today but I will be back during the week with some more updates.


Glam Meets Girl x

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