New York City

Hello Everyone,

The most exciting city in the world, bar none, with more restaurants, bars, museums and iconic sights than virtually any other big city in the world. New York is safe, welcoming, and makes you feel as if you belong. This is partly due to the logic of design: Manhattan is laid out on a simple grid system so that you always know where you are and can pretty much walk everywhere.

Think of ice-skating in Central Park, walking Brooklyn Bridge, visiting Rockefeller Centre, observing the city from the perfect height at The Empire State Of Mind or just strolling around Times Square. The iconic images just keep on coming. Yes, January can be super-cold (you really do need to bring hats, boots and thermals). So as it was our honeymoon, we decided to go all out and stay in The Plaza. One of Gotham’s landmark hotels, The Plaza has asserted a steadfast place in American culture, appearing in films like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Home Alone 2.”

We filled our time with no schedule and total relaxation. While we did see I two plays, (The Lion King & Chicago) you must see The Lion King, I cannot tell you how truly amazing it is, from the singing, to costumes and set design it is by far one of the best shows I have seen! We shopped literally until we could shop no more….Fifth Avenue and Macy’s are my absolute favourites. However, the thing that made this trip so special was just being a guest at The Plaza! Striking a balance between classic and modern, rooms have contemporary technology but the design is old school with gold-leaf fixtures, faux-fur throws, and big, Beaux Arts-style headboards. One thing you might not realize is that for a super luxurious hotel, The Plaza hotel is surprisingly visitor friendly. And perhaps most importantly, it has a Champagne Bar in the lobby.

Even if you’re not staying at The Plaza (though if you have a weakness for  legendary New York hotels I highly suggest you do) there are plenty of ways to experience the hotel. One level below the stunning decor of the hotel is an entire universe of food, a bustling food hall that is somehow two food halls put together: the original Food Hall by Todd English. It’s low key, not intimidating and tourists are welcome, so wander around and pick whatever appeals to you because you can get everything from the all important fine caviar and lobster salad to pizza and frozen yogurt.

So there you have it, if you have never been to NYC I really recommend that you take the time and make it your next stop!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x


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