The Return Of The Bum Bag

Hello Hello Hello Gang,

Its the season of love so I have decided to spread the love and show case my latest purchase with you all…the bum bag!! Some people maybe in two minds about the bum bag trend returning (also known as fanny packs). That’s because, bum bags were all the rage in the 80s and 90s and then they went through some pretty dark years, ultimately becoming a…fashion faux pas. Bum bags. Handsfree bags. Fanny packs. Whatever your words for ‘em its the classic case of you either love them, or you want to vomit into one because you hate them so much.

However today’s bum bag is less about the neon and that weird scratchy waterproof material (nylon, I believe?) and instead it’s now styled up in leather, studs and on-trend geometric designs. This is going to be my go to bag come summer time! Festival season is well and truly on its way, and there is one essential that you just can’t live without, for the sake of both practicality and out festival OOTD. Bum bags are extremely handy for festivals, and it seems the fashion world is catching on. Haven’t spotted it on a blogger yet? Prepare to get acquainted with the bum bag!

So on a closing note, it is time to throw aside that heavy tote bag ladies, and move straight onto the bum bag revolution. Who’s with me on this one? And if anyone says, you look silly. Just blame me. Tell them, Glam Meets Girl made me do it.


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