Marching Orders

Hello Loves,

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Today’s look is one of those that as I look back on the pictures of it, I realize how much I really like it. It’s super simple, a blazer, a black blouse, a beret and boots. Simple right…but when you put certain pieces together, sometimes they can create a little magic. One of the particular aspects of this outfit I like most is the mix of a navy and black, the blazer in this case, with the rest of the outfit being made up of black pieces. This blazer is amazing and will be worn a lot this spring, it’s also really comfy which is a big deal with me for blazers.  I will not wear a blazer if I can’t move my arms, it drives me crazy!

I love how clean and crisp these booties look with the outfit I have on and thought they were the perfect finish to this look. I don’t always wear ankle boots, but when I do, I wear them with a blazer (jokes jokes haha)!

Thanks so much for stopping by as always it means the world to me. Have a wonderful day.


Glam Meets Girl x


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