Polka Spots

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Hump Day! So, clearly I forgot to post this from awhile back but this was one of my all time favourite looks from my ever growing Spring wardrobe (any excuse to shop haha)! There is something about the black and white combination that I keep coming back to over and over again. It really is a timeless and classic combination and seeing it come to life with a black and white top, black suit pants, and black heels is something that makes me smile. When I go to get dresed every day the first outfit that pops in my head is an all black look so for this ensemble it was easy to incorporate a little dash of white with this blouse that I picked up in Zara. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to mess up a look like this….it’s sleek, chic and slimming!

Are you a gal that likes to sport an a black and white look or is it too simple for you?

Lots of Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Blouse – Zara, Pants – Zara, Beret – Primark, Sunglasses – Stella McCartney, Shoes – Primark)


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