Boy Blue

Good Morning One and All,

Happy Monday! How was your long weekend? Did you get up to anything exciting or did you stay inside like half the country due to the second batch of snow that arrived on Sunday morning?! Snow usually doesn’t bother me, it’s pretty to look at and it’s the perfect excuse to stay wrapped up in front of the fire with some hot coco but it’s half way through March and it’s enough already. I am soooo sick of this cold weather we did some sun on our bones. At this stage we will have skipped Spring altogether and will have jumped straight into summer…how is that even possible?

Now enough of the rant and onto the task at hand….todays latest outfit. I was a little hesitant when I put this on today but when teamed with my ankle boots I remembered exactly why I bought it. Did any of you watch that show years ago called Little House On The Prairie well that’s the look I was channeling today but a modern version. This dress is from Zara, one that I picked up when we were in Dubai but I’m not to sure if it’s in stores here but leave it with me and I will have a look into it and let you know. It’s a great little number for a date night or a night out with the gals as you could pair it with boots or heels or even put on some tights on as I was probably a little brave bearing the legs in these harsh weather conditions but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!! I think next time some black over the knee boots and some tights will be worn to dress it down a little just for a little something different.

Well that’s all from me today. We are currently enroute home from Carlow and I am going straight to bed when I get in the door, I’m literally exhausted from doing nothing all weekend…how is that even possible? However I will be back tomorrow.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x

(Outfit Details: Dress – Zara, Boots – Public Desire, Sunglasses – Stella McCartney)


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