Bbold Tan Smart Mousse

Good Morning Lovelies,

As you all know, I wouldn’t be the biggest fake tan lover but I do like to stick with what I know so that means that I very rarely try out or review tans on my blog. When I was in Dubai a few weeks ago I stumbled across bBold Smart Mousse had heard so many girls in work talking about it, I said right I’ll give it a go.


So onto the review and my thoughts….

The tan is so simple to use, its an easy pump mousse that comes out and spreads evenly on the skin. I found it glided on really easy and smooth. The colour comes up immediately so you can see exactly where you are putting it. The tan is a developing tan so after about an hour it’s a golden glow then up to 3hrs it’s fully developed to a deep bronze. Of course I left mine on over night like I do any developing tan and when I woke up it was a golden glow which I have to say I was impressed as it really was a nice natural tan especially for me as I am paler than pale.


Simply APPLY using a tanning mitt. Wait 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired colour then SHOWER, rinse off and moisturise. Then feel completely fresh as you DEVELOP, as if you are not even wearing tan.

  • No fake tan smell
  • No transfer onto sheets
  • Kahai oil
  • Natural organic DHA
  • Paraben Free

With the 3.2.1 colour control technology you can achieve your perfect colour as follows:

  • One Hour for a softly sun-kissed look
  • Two Hours for a golden glow3 HOURS to be bronzed and beautiful


In conclusion the bBold Liquid Tan is an instant winner for me, a stand out from the crowd. It’s a mousse, that dries really quickly, making it perfect for those who simply do not have the time to wait around. You can check out their range HERE and they also detail online how to achieve their perfect tan.


Glam Meets Girl x


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