Flower Bomb

Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! How was your three day weekend? Did you get up to anything nice over the past couple of days. We are currently on the way back home from what was a brilliant few days away in Galway! We had the best time, the sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and the company was second to none. I had forgotten what a great city Galway is, it’s one of those places that no matter who you are with and where you stay your guaranteed to have a great time. We stayed in The G Hotel this time and I had been there before but never actually stayed in it and it didn’t disappoint. I will fill you all in on all the details during the week with a more detailed blog post as today is all about my new obsession….culottes!

You have probably noticed that they are absolutely everywhere this season and love them or loath them there is no getting away from for the summer season. I personally love them, I always have done whether it be summer, spring or winter but I am loving all the different prints and styles that are in the height streets stores at the moment. I picked these particular pair up in H&M and there great for that dressy casual look! You can dress them up or down especially with this summery floral print but I opted for the casual look as they were perfect for playing tourist around Galway yesterday. There super comfortable and nice and airy for those hot summer days. I recently purchased these Michael Kors espadrilles and couldn’t wait to wear them so this outfit was the perfect occasion to get them out.

Now that’s all from me today but I will be back tomorrow with some more updates.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x

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