Travelling With A Toddler

Good Morning Lovelies,

Summer holidays are upon us one again and for lots of you this is a good time to start planning. As you might remember we went on our very first family holiday a few weeks ago and he most common query I got was “I’m flying with my X month old, please share your tips” and all I can say is boy was there alot to think about beforehand.

First Time Flying

The last thing you want when chasing little ones around the airport as they enjoy their mad half hour is to be falling over an excessive number of bags that you are taking onboard the plane. My biggest fear was ear popping due to the on board pressure. So to reduce the risk of ear ache occurring when taking off or landing, I made sure my little lady had her soother and juice to hand so she could suck on to help take away some of the effects. I decided to bring a bag on board with plenty of nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, plus a mini hand sanitiser, nappy bags.

I also packed snacks, food, juice and toys. After doing some research, it was highly recommended to bring some small toys that she didn’t see until the plane. We gave her one a a time and there is always great novelty with something new, so we had a sticker book, a new doll and a few small trinket toys. I mainly got them in Smyths Toystore. The sticker book was definitely the best buy as she loved it and got great value from it. May did sleep for about an hour on the way over and back so that took the pressure off and she was quiet content otherwise.

The Holiday

I will start by saying, I was incredibly nervous about travelling with her, I had no idea what to expect. May who was 17 months and she is a very active, busy little girl who doesn’t stop for a second so as you can imagine when I was booking our holiday I was very consious that I wanted to go somewhere remotely close as a shorter flight would suit better especially when we didn’t know what to expect as I was particularly scared about how the flight would go so in the end we opted to go to Alcudia, Majorca. After doing our research Majorca seemed to be one of the most popular places to go on holiday with a baby or toddler. It ticks all the boxes – gorgeous sandy beaches, warm sea perfect for paddling, plenty of sunshine and a short flight.

The Zafiro Hotel at Alcudia is all about quality and luxury. For toddlers, there are massive swimming pools, a paddling pool and a splash area where water babies can have the utmost fun. The apartments are modern and spacious, and some come with private gardens and patios. There are also apartments where you can request a DVD player or PS3 and fluffy bathrobes.

Supplies for Holidays

I did bring a little supply of nappies (and swimming nappies) just enough to get us through the first few days as you can buy them all out there. May is no longer using a bottle so I brought her juice bottles which were super handy and easy to refill when we were on the go. What I highly recommend bringing with you is the Ella’s Kitchen sachets, they are perfect when you are out and about and as May is a creature of habit a lot of the time there was nothing suitable on the menu so these went down a treat. Its important to also bring snacks and I am so glad I did as we couldn’t find anything similar in the shops over there.

Routine Is Key

I guess my other main concern was trying to keep her in somewhat of a ‘routine’ which still allowed us to stay out longer in the evenings to go for dinner etc. She takes a one to a two hour nap during the day so the goal was to try and maintain some level of the same routine. We are pretty lucky in the fact that May will sleep in her buggy, which meant that we could have our lunch out and about whilst she slept and then in the evenings we could let her sleep in the buggy and then transfer her into her cot when we got home. We had an apartment room, which was ideal, so at night time she slept in the sitting room in her cot and it meant we could go into our room and watch TV and not be afraid of waking her. Plus we had the balcony/patio off our room so we were able to sit out on balcony and relax.

Hopefully this will be of some help to all you first time toddler travellers out there. We truly had the best time and made so many amazing memories that we have already booked our next holiday away.

Until Next Time,

Glam Meets Girl x

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