Culottes, Culottes, Culottes

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about culottes because it’s the trend that just won’t quit! Cropped trousers are big news, and you can get on board with the culottes trend at just about every high street store at the moment. From patterned to pleated, from the boardroom to the bar, there is a perfect pair of culottes for every style situation.

Styling them can be tricky, though, whether you’re wearing your culottes to work or to brunch, you can bet that you can wear this trend all year long. But the secret to finding a pair of culottes that actually works for you is all in the length. The most flattering pairs end at the skinniest part of your leg, that’s right above your ankle. The more of your foot you can show, the longer your leg will appear. Once you’ve got a pair that hits there, your culottes will look correct, no matter if you’re wearing heels or flats.This combination is all from River Island – my white shirt and pair of sandals is my new latest go-to giving my style a little edge.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!


Glam Meets Girl x

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