Baby Blue

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Hump Day! How are you all doing today? I wish I was smiling in real life as much as I am smiling in these pictures right now but I got back from Toronto yesterday and I am trying to play catch up on the past week and lets just say that there is an awful lot of catch up to be done. The good news is that Fall is here and it has always been my favorite season well actually maybe it’s a tie between Fall and Winter, but now that Fall is here, I am going to stick with Fall as my favourite.

So here’s the thing, summer has come to a close but the summer weather in Toronto has not. Fall is here, school has started, the leaves are changing colours, and yet whilst we were away the weather was so amazing that I finally had the chance to wear this Lavish Alice dress that I had stored away in my wardrobe for a special occasion and it was the perfect time to bring it out. Lavish Alice is one of those brands that is affordable yet luxurious! I have already ordered another one of there dresses for an upcoming event that I have in a couple of weeks. I kept me accessories nice and simple and choose to go with silver heels, bag and a little hair clip to set it off. Sometimes less is more and this was exactly just that!

So yeah, needless to say, fall is here and October is going to be one of my busiest months to date. But I love it. I love this wonderful life and I am so thrilled that I have the opportunity to experience it. Thank you all for being part of it and I hope that each and everyone of you wake up each day and strive to enjoy it. Thanks for following.


Glam Meets Girl x

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