Beauty Belle – Review

Recently I have been testing out some of Timeless Truth sheet masks after BeautyBelle very kindly gifted me some of their latest collection. 

The main reason why I wanted to try these masks was to give my skin that needed boost and injection of hydration as my skin has been so dry as of late and anything that can help provide a helping hand is something I will always welcome.
The mask itself has a silicone feel to it, its quite easy to manipulate and very comfortable on your skin. One thing I found interesting with this particular mask was that it began to feel firmer on skin, almost like it was tightening onto my face, on it the longer it stays on.  I thought that the mask would probably keep slipping off but it stayed on the whole time which was great as I was able to get on with things I needed to do whilst letting the mask work its magic. Alternatively you can lie back and relax.
Out of the packet, I detected a faint and comfortable fragrance. The sheet is of medium thickness and didn’t come with a blacking. It was easy to unfold and apply with the essence clear and gooey.
A massive pro for me was that these masks don’t tingle, irritate or have any sensation on your skin at all. When I peeled off the mask I was left with lots of product on my face, which instructed by sachet says to just massage into the face and neck and let sink in. I would advise tying your hair up as it will get stuck to the front of the mask.
My one negative which is really a positive negative to be honest is that in order to see real results with these masks, you need to be using them regularly. I cant claim that its changed my skin from one application but it did leave my face feeling hydrated and not dry at all. My experience of this first application was incredibly pleasant and as the price point starts at £3.70 you really cant go wrong!
If you’d like to have a look or try out one of these peel off sheet masks you can visit BeautyBelles website here and shop the masks here.

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