Keeping Cosy

Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Happy Hump Day! How is everyone doing this week? I can’t believe today is only Wednesday….Miss May has been sick pretty much all weekend and throughout the week (miserable sore throat virus), but she is finally feeling slightly better so I am trying to be positive and think healthy thoughts! Little victories right?!

Ok, so on today’s look. It’s casual but not too casual, comfy, and I love every bit of it. This jacket is a sale find from a new boutique called Saviour Boutique which just opened up before Christmas and let me tell you that it might be the coziest and most comfortable piece you will ever put on. The colour is perfect for this time of year, it brings life to any outfit! Winter always means layers, and one thing I love about this look is that it is effortless, and yet it looks as if I spent some time actually thinking and caring about what I wanted to wear this particular day. It comes in both a black and white as far as I know. I paired the jacket with a grey oversized sweater with these white pleated cuffs, some basic Verso black leggings, and finished it with some boots.

Thank you for following and remember, if winter is getting you down, get back at it with your wardrobe!!


Glam Meets Girl x

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