Pathology Eye Gels

Hello Hello Hello,

If you have been following me on Instagram recently, you will see that I have been trialling and reviewing Pathology Eye Gels that I came across in Avoca recently. Now I don’t usually suffer from dark circles around my eyes but recently I haven’t been sleeping that well and keep having these terrible nightmares. Ive always been great at sleeping and am one of those people that if I don’t get at least eight hours of sleep I just don’t function as well as my body needs to so with that being said one of the side effects of my lack of sleep are these dark circles and puffiness that have begun to form around my eyes. So when I stumbled across the Patchology eye gels I thought why not give them a go!

I first started using them a couple of weeks ago and my eyes immediately looked lighter, my skin was softer and my face in general looked rested. There are 5 gel packs to try and they smell great and really cling to your under eye so if you do need to move about with them you won’t have to worry about them moving anywhere. Since I didn’t buy a long lasting supply I wasn’t sure if I would see results, but even the day after my first use I felt like the bags under my eyes were a bit less pronounced. And I also appreciate that you only have to wear them for the recommended five minutes, but if your not in a rush you can wear them for longer. They’re great to put on especially when you have those mornings where you just didn’t get enough sleep and you know those puffy bags under your eyes are noticeable but need to hit the road pronto.

My only negative if you would call it that is that they are a fairly thin gel mask coated in serum so they might feel slimy to some people and they do tear easily if you have long nails and are not careful. so you need to handle them with care.

For me these are a MUST buy. Without a doubt one of the best products I’ve purchased in the beauty department because it actually works! This is the only product that has actually reduced the dark circles & puffiness! 100% worth your money. The price point is incredibly reasonable, I think they cost €13.95 in Avoca but I seen that they are only €12.00 in Arnotts so I have just ordered some more online. I will leave the link HERE for you if you want to have a look.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x

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