Candy Stripe Takeover

Good Morning Everyone,

How are you all doing this morning? I hope you had a lovely weekend what ever it is that you got up to.

As you might have seen it been another hectic weekend but as always it was so much fun! I was asked to do an Instagram take over for Downpatrick Racecourse to showcase all the style and glamour that goes on behind the scenes of Style Sunday.  And my goodness do these ladies know how to dress when it comes to Ladies Day, everyone went above and beyond for the event and it was great to be able to showcase a little snippet of what the fashion side of things entails.

When it comes to Ladies Day so many women can feel totally overwhelmed and unsure what they should wear,  how to put their outfit together, what shops to go to etc. For me, there is no “Right look when it comes to Ladies Day as there are no set ingredients to winning but I guess my best advise would always be confident in your own personal style and do not dress to please the judges as it always shines through when your are content, confident and comfortable in what you wear.

And if you have been following me you know that dressing for ladies day does not mean you need to wear expensive, designer looks, this look is all from Dress Me Up Rental and I absolutely love it. It is not as ‘traditional’ let’s say as my previous ensembles, but is striking, stylish and that little bit different. I loved my boater style headpiece, it was so dramatic and really added to the overall look. I kept the red and gold theme throughout, right down to the clutch bag and shoes.

It’s great to embrace a current trends if it works for you but you should always let your body shape and colouring dictate your choice. And as I said if you are heading to Ladies Day, make sure to sit back, relax and have an absolute ball.


Glam Meets Girl x

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