Holland Cooper

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Monday!

Almost every Autumn/Winter season, a nod to countryside fashion can be found gracing the pages of  top end style magazines. Holland Cooper is a brand that is synonymous with British luxury and it’s recognised instantly in its use of the most superior Scottish woven tweed and wool combined with the finest suede and leather offering luxury tailoring for both men and women.

Established in 2008 designer Jade Holland Cooper saw a gap in the market for contemporary tweed wear, and armed with a wealth of design experience, infused with her passion for outdoor pursuits ensnared and consequently monopolised this market sector. The beauty of Holland Cooper is that they put a contemporary spin on tweed, redefining the heritage-laden fabric in a loose, draping silhouette. So, as you can imagine, when I was asked to collaborate with them and showcase what their new store in Kildare Village has to offer, it was a no brainer!

I have always been a huge lover of that classic country style of dressing, it is always so smart and completely timeless. Which is exactly what Holland Cooper specialise in. The offering is collectively outerwear and accessories with signature pieces including the Knightsbridge Blazer, Kempton Coat and recently launched Equestrian collection. These sit congenially alongside a collection of superbly crafted jackets, coats, skirts, jeans, hats and skirts.

Here is a little look at some of my favourite pieces that are now available in their Kildare Village store.



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