Carried Away With Carraig Donn

Good Morning Everyone,

My love of skirts has never been secret! If you don’t like the idea of having totally separate Summer and Winter wardrobes then investing in a couple of hardworking pieces like a midi or maxi pleated skirt will make sure you’re covered (literally) during those transitional months when no one really knows what to wear for the weather.

For daytime meetings, hanging out with May and running errands I love a casual, pleated fit option. Having one item to think about instead of several layers saves me so much time- just add shoes and a jacket if needed. Denim, cotton and linen styles are my go-to options for daytime comfort but I also love the idea of choosing a skirt for an evening out. A velvet or silk skirt for a formal occasion (or a smart Winter wedding) is often a lot more fun. Not only is it warmer (and you can also opt to wear tights which is always a real bonus) but you’re far less likely to be wearing the same thing as someone else and you can really accessorize it however you want. Add a statement necklace or earrings, a tight chignon and pared down makeup and you’re sorted.

So I’ve teamed up with Carraig Donn to show you some of their beautiful Autumn/Winter collection! This skirt and blouse are part of their latest winter style and now with Christmas just around the corner, it the perfect winter wardrobe staple to style for just about every occasion! It’s from the brand’s PALA D’ORO line and is priced at €29.95 – not too shabby for a skirt you can wear all winter long. This Rowen Avenue high neck mustard polka dot blouse is so elegant and is the perfect dressy blouse for a night out over the festive period!

So if you are beginning to get your Christmas wardrobe in order be sure to check out for more key looks this season!

Happy Shopping,

Glam Meets Girl x

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